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Fall Prevention Sensor - Human User Study (ongoing)

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Goal of the Study

The Stanford Assistive Robotics and Manipulation Laboratory is working to develop a wearable sensor capable of helping to prevent falls when walking. We are looking for healthy individuals who are 18 years of age and older to help us develop and test our methods. 

What is expected of participants?

Participants will be asked to wear our sensors to detect the path they take as well as their gait (walking cycle). The sensors participants will be asked to wear will be a subset of torso-mounted camera(s) and inertial measurement unit (IMU: accelerometer and gyroscope), thigh and calf mounted IMU's, and feet pressure sensing insoles. External cameras and motion capture devices may be used in portions of the experiment to record the gait externally.

It is estimated that the study will take between 1-1.5 hours to complete. Video data will be stored securely on password-protected systems and will only be used by researchers for the purposes of this study. There is no direct benefit to the participant from this study. The risks and discomfort associated with participation in this study are no greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life during walking indoors, outdoors on flat ground, inclines and steps. The participant will be required to wear the sensor for the duration of the experiment.

Will subjects be compensated?

You will receive an Amazon gift card worth $20 in appreciation for your participation. 

Interested? Please fill out this intake form and prescreening survey

To participate, you must be in the Stanford area. Please fill this google form:







Example data to be collected with participants