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User Study - Virtual Cooperative Transport (Ongoing)

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User Study: Virtual Cooperative Transport

The Stanford Assistive Robotics and Manipulation Laboratory is working to develop a robotic assistant capable of cooperating with humans on a physical task such as table carrying. We are looking for healthy individuals who are 18 years of age and older to help us develop and test our methods. Participants will be asked to complete a series of tasks online with another participant. The tasks are to push/pull a table cooperatively with another participant through maps consisting of random layouts of various waypoints, obstacles, and a goal. The tasks are complete after hitting waypoints and the goal destination while avoiding collision with obstacles. It is estimated that the study will take 20 minutes to complete. There is no direct benefit to the participant from this study. The risks and discomfort associated with participation in this study are no greater than those ordinarily encountered in daily life during the use of a computer, such as eye strain from computer usage. The participant will be required to use a mouse to click and drag the table in the simulation.

You will receive an Amazon gift card worth $5 in appreciation for your participation. If interested in participating in this study, please fill this form. If you have questions about the study, please contact the protocol director and principal investigator Dr. Monroe Kennedy III via email: with the subject line: “Cooperative Carrying Simulation Study Interest”. Participant’s rights questions, contact 1-866-680- 2906.